Wedding Flower Bouquets

When it comes to organising wedding bouquet flowers, Nightingales Wedding Planners works with the best in the industry – nothing is too complicated or too difficult. It’s all about the details: fresh, innovative, simple or sophisticated. It’s all about guaranteeing to captivate, impress, excite and amaze your guests.

Wedding Flower BouquetsFlowers can take the shell of a venue and transform it into “another world”. For Nightingales brides and grooms, flowers are an opportunity to really put their “fingerprint” on their style showcase their individuality.
Also, you will want to capture the season as well as the style and overall atmosphere of the wedding. Setting the Style can fall into the following categories:

The Classic Wedding

The classic wedding style is clean, elegant, traditional, and chic. Classic weddings are inspired with white roses, and creamy-white themes – an all white-on-white wedding.

The bouquets for a classic wedding might be a stylish posy of closely packed white roses, or ranunculus all tied together with white ribbon.

Three flawless arum lilies, loosely tied, make a minimalist bouquet, being both classic and romantic at the same time.

The Contemporary Wedding

The contemporary wedding style utilises modern elements with white, minimalistic backgrounds and bold greens to achieve striking looks. Sculpting flowers, streamlined furniture, fine bone china and crystal bring together the desired look.

Wedding Bouquet Flowers Ideas

A single orchid stem or rose makes a theatrical statement. Unusual bouquets in bright colours and fragrant scents are setting a dramatic entrance for any bride, the most popular being in Posy, Cascade, and Teardrop shapes.

Colours and texture of the bouquet is designed around the styling of the wedding and of the bride herself. Soft, elegant colours and flowers are the general preference, however Brides are accessorising their bouquets with feathers, crystals, ribbons for dramatic effects.

Also, the Bride may have a bouquet that is completely different from her bridesmaids. An example of this could be a neutral soft colour for the bride, with the bridesmaids using pastel or bright coloured flowers.

The Bouquet can also be used as a “remembrance” for family members that have passed away. For example, Grandma’s favourite flower can be interwoven through the Bouquet, and for the buttonholes of the Groom and Groomsmen.

Overall, flowers are a wonderful accessory to such a special and memorable day. Choose flowers that are in season and have a special meaning to you.

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