Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity weddings are exciting, inspiring and encourage couples to think outside the square and act on their dreams for their wedding day.

Celebrity weddings

Lisa & David Campbell

Brides love drawing their inspiration from sophisticated, luxurious celebrity weddings, which really opens their imaginations to what they can create for their own wedding day!

At Nightingales, we have been honoured to organise, style and co-ordinate an array of celebrity and high profile weddings for entrepreneurs and CEO’s of major corporations, many of which have been featured in OK Magazine, Cosmo Bride, Real Weddings Magazine, Luxury Weddings Magazine and the prestigious US magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Guide.

Many of these events remain discreet and private affairs as well, because at Nightingales we respect the wishes of our clients to celebrate their Weddings with their family and friends in a secure and private manner.

Many of our clients have not only emulated celebrity styles, but have gone further and surprised their guests with celebrity performances such as Human Nature, Brian McFadden, Jimmy Barnes, Jade MacRae and Mirusia, who accompanies Andre Rieu as he tours worldwide. Incorporating a celebrity performance into your wedding will make your special day even more memorable for both you and your guests.

It is important to us to ensure that all our weddings represent the wishes of each couple – whether they are a celebrity or not – we pay the same careful attention to detail and respect to the couple and their families every step of the way.

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