Wedding Bomboniere Ideas

The bomboniere, or wedding favours, is a tradition that can be traced back to the early days of European history, when amongst the wealthy aristocrats almonds were given out at weddings to wish the couple health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility. This happened for over a thousand years, but it wasn’t until the 13th century were they covered with a layer of sugar to become what was called well wishing “confetti”.

Wedding FavoursWedding Bomboniere Ideas Today the practice of giving bomboniere gifts at weddings, christenings and even special memorial functions has given couples excitement and pleasure in giving their guests a special memento of the day.

Bombonieres are becoming more of a specialised, intimate and truly “special gift” from the Bride and Groom and they are becoming more and more individualised. We are seeing a trend of bombonieres that are a token of the personality, interests of the couple or the theme of the wedding and a gift that we serve as a remembrance to each and every one of their guests.

Couples are matching new technology, wedding trends and traditions to come up with the perfect gift for their guests. Some specialised mirror frames, cut crystal coasters, personalised wine bottles, perfume with personalised embossed signatures, gorgeous sweets, sugars and spices in memento jars.

What we love at Nightingales is the touch of “nature” that we are incorporating into our weddings. Little seedlings, flower baskets and vases, seeds that can be planted in homes to bring year round happiness to the family and friends as well as giving back to the environment.

Some memorable wedding bomboniere ideas we have used in the past have been:

  • Personalised mini bottles of champagne and wine
  • Embossed candles with the bride and grooms initials and a personal message
  • Photos frames then a personal picture of the guests taken at the wedding sent in the thank you card
  • Little mini light lanterns (Hunter Valley wedding)
  • Stunning Sand and Seashell Tea light holders (Beach Wedding and Island Weddings)
  • Vineyard bottle stoppers (Great idea for the foodies)
  • Glass personalised candy jars
  • You make a donation to a charity that touches your heart on behalf of your guests
  • Lucky silver coins or keyrings

Beach wedding, make up little “shipwreck bottles” using little alcohol bottles with sand and place a poem from the two of you inside.

A gorgeous small jar with a rustic fabric cover and personalised label can be a wonderful favour when it is filled with honey, jam, coffee beans, chutney or even olives.

Our clients are taking advantage of our stunning Candy Bars as a edible bomboniere. Our sweet bar has elegant jars or bowls with lots of different types of candy sourced from only the best chocolates, lollies, sweet treats, which provide guests with personalised little bomboniere boxes or bags to fill up themselves.

Remember that wedding favours needn’t be an extremely expensive or elaborate gift. Whatever you choose to give to your family and friends take the time and enjoy the process of giving a true reflection of “you”.

If you are planning a wedding and want to speak to an expert about wedding bomboniere ideas for your special day, contact Nightingales today.

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